Per Zeuthen

General Manager- Catalyst Marketing

Haldor Topsoe


Per Zeuthen holds an MSc in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Odense, Denmark, and has been employed with Haldor Topsoe since 1983. Through his long career he has: Extensive experience within hydroprocessing catalysis fundamentals. Through his career he has managed several large national and international research and characterization programs within fundamental understanding of the active CoMo and NiMo structures, coke characterization, deactivation mechanisms of hydroprocessing catalysts and detailed characterization of various petroleum fractions. Managed teams for development and preparation of a large portfolio of hydroprocessing catalysts ranging from naphtha, coker naphtha, kero, diesel, FCC pretreatment, hydrocracking, dewaxing of diesel and lube, lube hydrofinishing, fixed bed resid services as well as a portfolio of grading and dedicated contaminants trap portfolio. Developed and commercialized a number of hydroprocessing processes. A key role in the catalyst up-scaling and commercialization of the large Topsoe portfolio of hydroprocessing catalysts. Authored more than 85 scientific papers and patents. In his present position as Director, Product Management, Refinery Business Unit he has the global responsibility for production and marketing of hydroprocessing catalysts and technologies within Haldor Topsoe

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