George Blair

Managing Director

Eurotek Refining Services Ltd.


George Blair is Managing Director of Eurotek Refining Services Ltd. He has worked for BP, UOP and Exxon/Mobil over a 40-year career. Within BP he was Technology Co-ordinator in Europe and Senior FCC Consultant overseeing FCC Technology. His BP achievements include Increased Capital Investment efficiency through front end project work (20-50% reduction in CAPEX relative to contractor/licenser proposals), development of BP’s proprietary FCC yield prediction model, and coaching of young engineers to maximise both individual potential and corporate value.  Responsible for BP’s FCC Technology globally, his team received 2 Chairman’s awards for Technical Excellence in 8 years. Within Exxon/Mobil he was a consultant Engineer for European refineries in the area of FCC and Section Head of the Refinery Technical Service Group (Fawley Refinery). George has a B. Sc. Hons. in Chemical Engineering and Management Studies and, a Diploma in Industrial Studies from Loughborough University of Technology

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