Expert Q+A Panels

Your panel will be made up of both refiners and technology providers. Questions will be posed to you through the live interactive app and live from the floor with our chuckable microphone. The moderator will guide the discussion and direct the specific questions for you to answer.

Be prepared to apply your practical refining knowledge to answer questions that will come from a wide range of themes.

Experts in Action

These are short, sharp and snappy demonstrations highlighting the latest technology or solution with practical insight and explanation to application in a refinery.

You can present in a variety of ways but the main rule is that text and PowerPoints are banned.

Technical Workshops & Roundtables

Some problems cannot be resolved with a simple answer, which is why we have dedicated extended workshops and roundtables to get to the bottom of the issue. This allows for in-depth conversations to gauge engineer opinions and cross-industry knowledge sharing which cannot be achieved back in the office.

Social Events

ERTC: Ask the Experts is not just technical content, we also have fun parts including a Gala Dinner and Drink Receptions to bring together the engineering community! European refiners are facing challenges and networking in an informal setting is a way to build bridges.