10 Reasons to attend ERTC Ask the Experts 2018

1. More content

Having extended the event to 3 days, there is more space for the important discussions that you need to develop your refinery.  We will discuss new topics such as Process Safety and Shutdown and Turnarounds, as well as sticking with the traditional topics of FCC, Crude Vacuum Distillation and Hydroprocessing.

2. Danube Refinery Site Visit

We have prepared an exciting trip to Danube refinery where you will see the latest innovations from the plant. Understand what plant managers have done to keep the refinery one step ahead of their competitors. This is not to be missed.

3. Evening Social Activity

We have organised two fabulous evening socials including a Beers on Wheels bike tour of Budapest and a Dinner Cruise down the River Danube. Make new contacts in a fun and relaxed way – how can you say no!


4. Interactive formats

ERTC: Ask the Experts is different to any other event in Europe. We ban PowerPoint presentations and our interactive formats will allow you to gain access to the leading experts to make sure your refinery remains competitive during these challenging times.

5. The perfect learning experience for process and maintenance engineers

Our flagship event ERTC focusses on the long-term strategy for refineries and because of this we decided to create an event for current process and maintenance engineers as they aim to become the leaders of tomorrow. By providing experts, motivational speakers and business coaching, this is the perfect place to pave the way to success.

6. Key decision makers at plants with solution provider/ experts

You can rest assured that Ask the Experts will also provide the in-depth content, an array of networking opportunities, and access to leading stakeholders resolve your burning questions.

7. MOL Group is hosting

By moving to Budapest with MOL Group, the WRA is partnering with one of the leading European companies focussing on career development. In addition with MOL’s refineries beyond Hungary such as INA and Slovnaft, you will be able to hear from a diverse range of refinery experiences to enhance your knowledge of best practices.

8. Business Workshop

To combat the challenging environment ahead for European refineries, engineers have to be commercially aware and prepared for all outcomes on a daily basis. The Pop-Up Business School will provide an educational workshop for young engineers to learn the necessary skills to achieve this and become the leaders of tomorrow.

9. Call for questions

In the unique format of Ask the Experts, you can submit your technical questions to be answered by senior refiners, producers, technology and solution providers with your approved questions and they can also appear in the 2018 agenda. We recruit the most qualified minds in the industry to provide you with the technical solutions you need.

10. Motivational speaker

Times are difficult for European refineries as they look to stay competitive on the global stage. However, at the WRA we truly believe the opportunity is bright going forward. As such, we will have an out-of-the-box motivational speaker to share this positive outlook for the industry.