Vacuum Distillation/ Coking

You told us that you needed more answers on this topic so we have kept it in the 2018 agenda! Covering profitability; safety; coke units; crude distillation; delayed coker unit; crude preheat units; desalting; vacuum distillation, see how to implement new technology to solve your daily plant issues.

Your burning questions include:

  • Can we reduce energy input requirement of crude oil for distillation if miscible lighters are added to heavy oils?
  • How will it be possible to continue with vacuum distillation units facing the 2020 sulphur gap?

Massimo Capra

Manager, Process Services, EMEA


Kamju Azizi

Group Expert, Turnaround & Performance Management

OMV Schwechat

Romain Vial

Reactor Management Services Manager


Evan Hyde

Director of Field Operations

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