Oil and GAS News

Oil & Gas News (OGN) is the only weekly energy journal covering the Middle East, Asia/Pacific Rim as well as the global markets combining more than three decades of international publishing experience with an ability to provide a unique insight into this major industry.

Besides offering authoritative information, business intelligence and quality analyses to professionals and organisations with a serious interest in exploration, refining, production and distribution, all aspects of the energy supply chain are covered by the magazine across all related sectors including the power sector.

Each week, OGN has an abundance of news on industry developments, contract information and new technologies as well as new processes such as fracking and the latest developments in alternative energy.

Every month, OGN publishes an extensive ‘magazine-styled’ issue providing readers with additional coverage including comprehensive country reports, extensive reviews of major oil companies as well as specialist features on products and services highlighting the latest research and development.

The journal is read by energy industry professionals in more than 70 countries and is available in printed and online editions though .The online edition is updated with a Daily Newsletter to keep readers informed of the latest developments.

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