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Bünyamin Kılınç

Superintendent - Process & Equipment Development Genel Müdürlük

I have been working in TUPRAS Refineries and Headquarters for 18 years.  I have started as a operational engineer in TUPRAS Izmit Refinery , after  this 3 years operational   experience, I had  15 year  experience on process, problem solving, troubleshooting, unit/process design, investment, revamp, capacity expansion and all of related activities.( Project  leadership, Initial S/U, Test-Run, Normal operation,  S/U, S/D etc..)  Nowadays, I am working at TUPRAS Headquarters as Process Superintendent responsible for   Unifiner, Reformer, Platformer, Isomerization and Benzene saturation processes for four TUPRAS Refineries.   I have also worked on a variety of different units/processes, Crude Oil, Hydroprocessing , Desulfurization/U LSD, Kerosene Treating, Caustic Neutralization, ARU, SRU, SWTU  etc..   These experiences from my past 18 years as process specialist, I hope to be able to help the new refining engineers with just a few years’ experience as.

Bünyamin Kılınç will be speaking at:

Gasoline Processes; Ask the Expert Panel

2017/06/20 09:40 - 10:30

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