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Alan Donegan

Pop-Up Business School

Alan started Enjoy Presenting 9 years ago in an effort to relive the boredom induced by corporate presentations and to bring PowerPoints to life!   He has travelled around the world working with clients like Microsoft, Allianz, Pepsi & DreamWorks Studios helping people to feel confident presenting and bring messages to life! Alan is also the co-founder of PopUp Business School; when setting up his own business nine years ago Alan went to Business Link who did more to scare him off starting than they did help!  This experience inspired Alan to turn entrepreneurship on its head and he developed the PopUp Business School to support the people that are scared off by business plans, debt and bank managers. In his spare time Alan loves comedy, making pizza and occasionally playing with Lego. Winner of the 2016 Entrepreneur Of The Year Award at the Inspire Awards.

Alan Donegan will be speaking at:

Future Leaders Business Coaching – Presenting with Impact Workshop

2017/06/21 15:10 - 16:40

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