5 minutes with Ufuk Kantar
Process Superintendent, Tüpraş

What do you think the main benefits of ERTC: Ask the Experts will be for the engineers?

I have worked in refineries for the last ten years.  I started as a process engineer, and have worked my way to a Superintendent. I have worked on a variety of different units. Firstly, I was responsible for hydro treating, then kerosene metals, then ionisation, and for the past five years I have been working with gasoline processes. I have a lot of experience from my past 5 years as a process engineer. I hope to be able to help the new refining engineers with just a few years’ experience as I have recently been there.

Do you think there is enough support for young engineers at the moment or do you this is something that is lack in their everyday roles?

My experience is mainly in the process side, I do not deal with the compressors or pumps, or maintenance issues on an everyday basis. For this type of issue you would need the guidance of operations people.

Tupras has a gasoline process UOP Licence – which is where, every 6 months a technology specialist comes to the refiner – and these technology specialists who are usually process managers, technology managers have the knowledge and experience that is useful for engineers. Depending on people’s technical backgrounds, they should be able to help the engineers with their technical problems.

Ufuk’s tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to use external sources if you need help; reach out to licensors or technology provider specialists
  • Constantly strive to improve the energy efficiency of the units through methods such as adding new heat exchangers, taking the feed with higher temperature etc. you can find out how to do this in more detail when you ask us, the Experts at ERTC: Ask the Experts!
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