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  • How do you operate mid-distillate selective recycle hydrocracking units to generate more naphtha while minimizing fuel gas/ liquefied petroleum gas without catalyst replacement?

  • How do you manage reactor misdistribution once identified?

  • We are interested in minimizing our black oil production from the FCC by recycling heavy cycle oil and/or slurry to our FCC feed hydrotreater for aromatic saturation and further cracking. Do you have any experience with this operating mode or recommendations for reduced slurry make via optimization of an FCC pretreat unit?

  • What methods do you use to reduce particulate loading on or debottleneck of existing filtration equipment in a hydroprocessing unit without reducing catalyst cycle life?

  • What are your current practices for and experiences with performing on-line cleaning of heat exchangers vs. offline cleaning?

  • Need to increase capacity, but by mitigating the decrease pressure in reactors by increasing temperature – What does this mean and what are the parameters?

  • Want to see the comparison of the concerns and benefits of using different types of heat exchangers?

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