The discussion will cover profitability; safety; feed poisons and fouling; corrosion; catalysts; hydrocracking process; hydrogen; optimization; reliability; mechanical integrity as well as demonstrations highlighting the latest technology and understanding how to apply it to improve margins.
Question examples:

  • What are refiners doing to maximise distillate yields to take advantage of wide spreads expected post 2020?
  • There are challenges to reach 0.5 % sulphur from resid technology is costly to do that, how are these aspects taken into account to meet the new IMO Regulations with hydroprocessing units?

Tomasz Bytner

Head of Production Engineering


Lei Fan

Business Manager

Rive Technologies/ Reactor Resources

Jake Gotham


InSite Technical Services

Jiří Hájek

Director of Development and Innovation


Tom Huizinga

Business Development Manager

Avantium Chemicals

Teemu Lindberg

Director, Refining, Biofuels Development

UPM Biorefining

Austin Schneider

Director of Technology


Per Zeuthen

General Manager, Catalyst Marketing

Haldor Topsøe

René Severens

Technical Services Manager, Hydroprocessing Catalysts


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