• Eid Mubarak from the Energy Exchange and World Refining Association
Fun, innovative and collaborative formats
Ask the Experts Panel

Experts from refineries will be answering questions you’ve submitted! Hear from Experts first-hand how they would deal with your refining challenges.

The discussion will also be opened up to the audience.

Ask the Experts Fish Bowl Panel

We have a hot seat where you can sit and ‘grill’ our Expert Panel on solutions to your challenges. The hot seat will rapidly rotate in this fast paced session of sharing experience and knowledge – ensure you are fully prepared for this session.

Exhibition Opening with Poster Sessions & Coffee

The poster sessions are informal product demonstrations that will take place at exhibitor stands during coffee breaks. This will allow you to network with your peers and the ‘experts’ whilst learning and sampling new technology that could make your everyday struggles disappear.

Experts in Action

You have the opportunity to view the latest technology. These demonstrations might be the helping hand you need to improve margins.


Join 20 self-selected attendees, and a leading Expert, to delve into greater depth around the solutions to your refining problems.


We facilitate knowledge sharing and nurturing of business partnerships within the oil and gas sector. We do so by providing face-to-face opportunities to network including conferences, exhibitions and networking evenings; independent analysis and creation of industry reports and webinars. We create events that matter.


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Call for Questions
Submit a question to be answered live at the event by our industry experts, focusing around these 5 key areas:

* Gasoline Processes
* Hydroprocessing
* Crude / Vacuum Distillation and Coking
* Troubleshooting