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  • When is your return on investment adequate enough to justify installing a desalter to treat purchased FCC feeds?

  • What is your experience with processing raw crude in the FCC? What types of crude have you tried to process in the FCC? What are the yield impacts? Any corrosion issues associated with this mode of operation? What additional corrosion monitoring is needed?

  • What are your best practices for mitigating operational or performance risks throughout a catalyst changeover?

  • What methods do you use to detect and monitor coke deposition in FCCU risers? What prediction methods have been successful?

  • Pipeline of reactor and tower that would coke up, problem with a number of FCCs globally – long-term troubleshooting problem, take a few years to take hold then have the chance the go in and de-coke and waiting 2 years to find out if it worked – how can this be mitigated?

  • Is it necessary to specify iron content of the fresh catalyst in the FCC catalyst specifications? What is the industry practice about iron specification in the fresh FCC catalyst? What is the impact of iron (Fe) in the FRESH catalyst on FCCU operation and yield performance? Does iron in fresh catalyst has any impact on other properties of Fresh catalyst?

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