The discussion will cover profitability; safety; environmental; process; catalysts; dealing with heavy crudes; reliability as well as demonstrations from our Expert in Action.

Question example:

  • Are there going to be break troughs in FCC energy efficiency?
  • Can FCC catalysts cope with arsenic, silicon and oxygen in the feed?
  • When is your return on investment adequate enough to justify installing a desalter to treat purchased FCC feeds? What is the ROI based on (i.e., FCC catalyst impact, unit corrosion, etc.)
  • Do you foresee more FCC to RFCC revamps in order to treat more heavy feeds due to IMO 2020 regulation?

Koenraad Herrebout

Manager, Technical Assistance; Troubleshooting Refining and Base Chemicals


Miray Genç

Superintendent, FCC Process


Evan Hyde

Director of Field Operations


Songül Kandaz

Technical Consultant, FCC Catalysts


Tamás Kasza

Technology & Development Manager in Danube


Norbert Kováč

FCC, ETBE, ALKY Technologist


Sabeeth Srikantharajah

Technical Sales Manager


Tom Venthan

Senior Technical Service Engineer

Johnson Matthey

Sébastien Decker

Refining Processes Expert


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