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Crude / Vacuum Distillation & Coking
  • Have you experienced high corrosion rates in carbon steel piping in resid service operating below 500⁰F?

  • Given the increased volatility of crude and product prices, what additional steps do you take to adjust their crude unit cut points to maximize profitability?

  • What are your important considerations when evaluating the methods used for fouling detection and mitigation in preheat exchangers and furnaces in crude and coker units?

  • What are your best practices for a water wash system to control corrosion in delayed coking fractionator overhead and light-ends systems?

  • Is it feasible to process visbreaker residue as part of the feed to a delayed coking unit? What are the effect of this type of feed on the coker yields, product quality and cycle time?

  • What are your materials of construction criteria for structured packing at the different sections of the crude, vacuum and coking towers? What criteria do you use to replace packing during turnaround?

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