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5 minutes with Tom HuizingaBusiness Development Manager, Avantium Chemicals

What motivated you to participate in this event?

Meeting new people! I have built up a reputation in the industry throughout my career working at Shell (and recently also at Avantium) and I hope to use the knowledge I have accumulated to inspire the young refiners at this event.

What are the main benefits for Avantium of participating in this event?

Being a very small company Avantium’s main benefit from this event will be exposure and increasing our presence in the refining industry. We are known to larger vendors and IOC’s but it is always good to increase company visibility and hopefully provide technological inspiration for the young refiners.

Do you think that renewable energy sources will overtake non-renewables in the coming years?

We are working towards making this industry as renewable as possible through the development of technologies, but the work that we do is a mere drop in the ocean.  Advances in technology are helping to diversify supplies of energy and reduce the demand for petroleum to some extent, but it inevitably will not be enough to replace traditional energy sources. The amount of infrastructure, such as the transport industry, that is reliant on oil is so enormous that it will be a long time before we have a reliable source of renewable energy stable enough to replace oil and gas sources. Avantium’s  bio-based PEF bottles (as alternatives for PET) are a superb demonstration that small entities can alter this difficult scene!

What do you think the main benefits of ERTC: Ask the Experts will be for the engineers?

This event provides an opportunity for the (young) engineers to see how other people have solved the same daily challenges that they are facing.  I think networking with their peers and the ability to compare perspectives on the industry will be an invaluable part of this event. ERTC: Ask the Experts also provides a safe environment where engineers can ask questions and move their knowledge barriers.

Do you have any top tips for our refining attendees?

  • Avoid confrontation but don’t shy away from having direct and open conversations in your role. Discover rather than convince!
  • It is important to share knowledge and keep an open mind to new possibilities.
  • Always question and be curious, we are so used to looking at how something ‘should’ be done (or has been done in the past) that there is a tendency to have tunnel vision when it comes to exploring opportunities.
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